Young People’s Week at Recovery Focus

We are proud to be part of the Recovery Focus group, offering models to support recovery from mental ill health, domestic abuse and the harms caused by drugs, alcohol, and gambling. This week Recovery Focus are dedicating their social media accounts to the Young People Services across the group. As a partner organisation at Recovery Focus, we are joining in to tell you all about our Young People Services at DVIP, the impact it has had, and how the pandemic has meant the YUVA programme has been even more essential and important with families staying at home more.  

At DVIP we offer children’s therapy to young people whose parent/carer is victim to domestic abuse, helping them to deal with often muddled feelings in a safe and supported environment. As well as this, our YUVA programme works with young people (aged 11-18) who have been using aggressive and threatening behaviour towards their parents/carers and in their close relationships. We help young people to look at their abusive behaviour and find safe, non-abusive alternatives. YUVA also provides support to the parents/primary caregivers of these young people. We support caregivers to find ways of reducing the escalation of conflict in the family and to take steps to make themselves and their families safer.  

“I never thought of myself as a victim of domestic abuse because [my daughter] was a child. These sorts of programs are what children’s services need and what parents need, so that it doesn’t get to the crisis point that it got to with me.” Parent supported by YUVA

Michelle, our YUVA Senior Practioner gave some insight into the impact YUVA has had throughout the pandemic: 

“With families staying at home together due to Covid-19, there has been even greater need for the YUVA service to address aggression young people might display toward their caregivers. Young people found themselves with few outlets, limited options for extracurriculars, and limited access to outside support. By providing online services, YUVA has been able to connect with young people and parents and offer services throughout the pandemic. During a time in which the outside world felt very unsafe, YUVA worked to provide safety within the home by developing young people’s sense of understanding and control over their own emotions and behaviour.”

We are happy to say that our YUVA programme has been impactful on young people, helping them to understand and communicate their feelings effectively and without abuse. Hear below from some of the young people we have supported at YUVA. 

“When I used to get angry, I thought that the only option to express my anger was to scream and punch the walls but now I know that I have many other options: walk away, do my breathing, listen to music.”

“Before, I used to get so frustrated and angry because I couldn’t describe my feelings while now, I’m much better at talking about what’s bothering me.”

We all know that the pandemic will have had a substantial impact on young people – on their social lives, their education and their mental health. Make sure you follow Recovery Focus and the rest of the partner organisations on social media to keep up with #YoungPeoplesWeek and to find out how as a group we are able to support young people impacted by various experiences.   

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