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The Yuva team at DVIP

The Yuva service has been developed by DVIP with the primary aim of increasing safety and supporting positive relationships for families where an adolescent child is abusive towards a parent(s). Yuva works with young people, age 11 - 18 (up to 25 for young people with additional needs), who have used violence/abuse towards their parents. The service also works with parents who have experienced abuse from their son or daughter.

Yuva’s services include 2 separate but integrated services:

  • The Programme, which works directly with young people who are using violence/abuse towards their parent(s)

  • a Parent Support Service

Although our work with parents and young people using violence/abuse is mostly separate, the two strands of the service operate in parallel and some sessions are delivered as joint sessions, to promote the safety and well-being of both the parent and their son/daughter.

Programme for young people who are using violence/abuse

Through structured 1-2-1 direct interventions drawing on social learning theory, cognitive behavioural therapy, attachment theory and systemic practice; Yuva helps young people to identify and challenge their violent/abusive behaviours and adopt non-violent/non-abusive alternative ways of interacting in close relationships. We work alongside young people, helping them to make changes and take responsibility for not only their involvement in the Programme but, more importantly, their behaviour towards their parents.

We understand that young people are not a homogeneous group; that their backgrounds, skills, abilities and needs are many. Many young people using violence/abuse have a variety of needs to address, but it is beyond the scope of the Yuva Programme to offer holistic support. Where specific support needs are identified, Yuva will make referrals to more appropriate or additional services and help the YP and/or parent to engage with that service.

The service for young people includes an initial suitability assessment aimed at assessing their motivation to engage with a behaviour change programme and identify key presenting issues within the relationship with the parent. The assessment is usually undertaken in 2 subsequent 1 hour sessions.

Following on from the assessment a 10 session programme consisting of a combination of individual sessions and joint sessions with the parent where possible. 

The intervention focuses on building the YP’s understanding of safe communication and identifying and reflecting on underlying beliefs and attitudes supporting their use of violence and abuse.  Where young people in a similar age range are engaged with the service a group programme can be delivered.

Parent Support Service

Yuva offers a support service to parents or family members who have experienced their son or daughter using violence and abuse towards them. Each parent referred to the service will be assessed for suitability and offered between 3 and 10 sessions which will include a combination of individual sessions, and joint sessions with their son or daughter.  Parent support is also available in the form of an 8 week group work programme for parents who have experience violence or abuse from their child. 

The work with parents focuses on creating space to talk about their experiences and supporting them to take steps to make themselves and their families safer by:

  • Assisting parents who have survived intimate partner violence to examine the wider impact of dv on the family within the context of gendered power relations.

  • Enabling parents to reflect on their own experience of being parented and how this has influenced their parenting style

  • Acknowledging the parent’s hurt and anger alongside supporting a stance that is child-centred, risk aware and supportive of the child’s attempts to change their behaviour

  • Exploring the function and outcomes of the abusive behaviour - Understanding the function of their child’s behaviour within the family context

  • Exploring more effective ways of communicating distress – fostering empathy and finding ways of reducing the escalation of conflict and degree of negative communication

  • Fostering a relationship with parents that strengthen help-seeking behaviours around issues that are specific to the family (e.g the impact of DV, ADHD, mental  health, effect of drugs, bereavement etc).

Who can refer?

Professionals can refer young people who have used or are at risk of using violence and abuse and they can also refer parents according to need. Before making referrals to Yuva please seek the client’s consent to do so and, where necessary, the person who has parental responsibility.

Making a referral to the Yuva service

To make a referral or refer yourself to Yuva please complete the referral form including as much relevant information as possible.

Yuva requires that both the young person using violence and the family members/(ex) partners who have experienced their violence be referred. Please enter their details on the appropriate section of the referral form. If you do not have access to information regarding either the survivor or young person using violence, please contact us to discuss the referral.

Young people who are using violence in their own relationships may be survivors of or have witnessed domestic violence. We acknowledge the significance of this and ask that you include such information in the section detailing the history of domestic violence, as well as the young person’s own use of violent and controlling behaviours.

It is important to provide as much information as you can about the person you would like to refer. Please complete all sections to the best of your knowledge and ensure that your information is accurate and concise. Where information which you feel is relevant does not fall into one of the sections provided, please attach separate sheets including details of the referring worker and reference to this form.

DVIP offers a variety of services for adults and young people who are experiencing or perpetrating domestic violence. If you would like to know more about what we offer please email yuva@dvip.org

For forms and to make further enquiries concerning the Yuva service, Tel: the office 020 8741 8020 Viji 07501722609 or Linda 0748492004, alternatively you can email yuva@dvip.org


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