Parents of adolescents


It’s not only partners who suffer domestic violence. Young people can be abusive and violent to parents too.

Yuva works with young people age 11-18 (up to 25 for young people with additional needs) who have been abusive to their parents/carers and in their close relationships. We help young people look at their abusive behaviour and find safe, non abusive alternatives.

If your son or daughter is aged between 11 and 18, and you’re concerned about their behaviour towards you, you can contact Yuva for support. We can meet you to talk about what is happening and what you may be able to do.

A referral form is available in the downloads section with guidance for those wishing to refer for intimate partner violence and also for adolescent to parent violence. Yuva accepts self referrals as well as those from professionals.

You can email us or call us: Viji 07501722609 or Linda 0748492004

Information for professionals can be found here.



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Yuva leaflet for parents & carers

Referral form for YUVA service

IPVA referral guide

Guidance for those completing referral for intimate partner violence and abuse

APVA referral guide

Guidance for those completing referral for adolescent to parent violence

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Yuva Postcard for young people


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