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Our support service is free of charge if your partner or ex-partner is using one of our services, or if he’s been referred to us.


You may want to talk about what has been happening, or get practical help making plans for you and your children.  You can phone us, see us in person, or join a weekly support group with other women who have experienced domestic violence: it’s entirely up to you.  You’ll always see women staff, and everything is entirely confidential.


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Your partner or ex-partner is attending a Violence Prevention Programme

The programme is designed to help men learn how to be less violent, and to take responsibility for their actions. This takes time and there’s no ‘quick fix’.  It lasts for over six months, with groups held once a week.  They learn about respectful relationships, being a better parent and communicating without violence. 


We contact you when he’s referred to the programme and we keep in touch. If you want to talk about what’s happening or you need support at any time, you can phone or arrange to meet us.  And if we have any concerns about his behaviour, we contact you as quickly as we can and help you keep yourself and your children safe.


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Your ex-partner has applied for contact with your children

If you’re in private law proceedings about contact, we get in touch if the Family Court refers your ex-partner to us so that they can have a risk assessment.  This is a report about your children’s welfare, his past abusive behaviour and the risks he may pose to you and your children. 


We invite you to meet an assessor, at one of our offices, as part of this assessment. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to, but many women have found it helpful. It’s a chance to put your side of the story and help us make our recommendations to the Court about future contact arrangements.  We don’t tell your ex-partner the date or time of your interviews.


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Your children are in care proceedings

We contact you if your children are in care proceedings and Social Services refer you to us for an assessment.  Our report is part of the care proceedings: Children’s Services and the Family Court use it to help decide who will care for your children.  We’ll invite you to two or three interviews with an assessor. We ask you about his violent and abusive behaviour so that our report to the Court can include your views.


If your partner or ex-partner is also referred to us, for a risk assessment, we meet him at separate interviews – he won’t know when your interviews are. 


Here are some examples of artwork women have made at our support groups.



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Android app & directory for victims of domestic violence

On 31st October 2012 Domestic Violence UK released a number of innovative ways to inspire hope in victims of domestic abuse.  Please see details below:    

 B-Informed by the Domestic Violence UK app

 The app is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. It provides a secure way to access a directory which will give you the details of your nearest support organisation without leaving an Internet history on your mobile. 

 It also allows you to save contact numbers of friends, family and national abuse helplines so help is close by when you need it the most.

 At the touch of a hidden button you can send a text to let your contacts know that you need to talk.  

 There is also a wide range of articles written by fellow victims and experts to inspire hope for those who need it.

The app can be found by searching for ‘b-informed’ in the Google Play app store and has been described as "innovative and inspiring" by former victims of abuse.


Directory assistance at your fingertips 

As well as the android app, Domestic Violence UK is also launching a Text Directory Helpline Service as well as an online directory of support organisations.

Support can be critical in cases of domestic abuse - Domestic Violence UK makes easier to access support, quickly.

Simply text the word ‘Directory’ followed by your postcode to 66777 to receive a list of support organisations within a 15 mile radius.

Texts only cost standard network rates.

To use the online directory, please visit www.domesticviolenceuk.org/find-support-near-you/

For more information on Domestic Violence UK, or to find out more about the services offered, please visit:



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Other agencies that may be able to help:


Action on Elder Abuse

Works to protect vulnerable older adults and prevent abuse. This includes abuse in people's own homes as well as in sheltered housing, care homes and hospitals.

UK Helpline: 080 8808 8141



National Domestic Violence Helpline

24-hour freephone helpline for women experiencing domestic violence. All calls are completely confidential. Translation facilities available.

Tel: 0808 2000 247



Rights of Women

Free information and legal advice about your rights.

Advice line: 020 7251 6577
Sexual violence legal advice line: 020 7251 8887



Woman’s Trust

Free counselling and support. Woman's Trust is a mental health and support service for women affected by domestic violence.

Tel: 020 7034 0303/0304



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