Therapy for children

Therapy for children affected by domestic violence

Even when children don’t see domestic abuse, they usually know it is happening. It can affect them deeply.


You may have seen changes in how your children are or how they behave.  We understand how hard it is if your child is distressed – it’s a natural part of caring to feel responsible.  When you can begin to look at your child’s difficulties, that’s a significant step to take and it will help.


Our therapy service gives your child a safe and confidential space to work through their experiences and often muddled feelings.   We don’t tread on your toes as a parent or make judgements – we’re here to help children to explore what is troubling them and support them as they go through major changes in their lives.  


We help children from as young as three, up to age 17. We work with play therapy for young children, and creative arts as well as talking for older children and young people.  All the sessions are at local, safe and child-friendly venues.


Our therapists are psychologists who are greatly experienced in helping children and young people who have lived with domestic violence. We make sure that children take things at their own pace. 


Appointments are usually once a week.  A session lasts 50 minutes and usually takes place between 10am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. We usually see children for up to five months.


If you would like your son or daughter to see us, we meet you first for an assessment. This is to make sure that therapy is the right option at this point, and to also discuss confidentiality in how we work.   We aim to give children a certain level of confidentiality, for example, so we don’t discuss the details of their sessions.


Child therapy information for parents and carers 

For parents whose children have been affected by domestic violence.  Information about what therapy is and how it can help.

Together Time Filial Play Service information

For parents to support children who have been affected by domestic violence through play therapy.


Referral form: Child therapy 

For parents who would like to refer their child. If you have questions, or would like help with filling in this form, call us on 020 8748 8298

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